Hello Kitty, Chiang Mai

One thing I love about traveling is meeting crazy, no ordinary people like this ‘Hello Kitty’ man from Chiang Mai in Thailand. Stay crazy, stay foolish!

Paddle boat lady from the floating market, Bangkok

Have you been to Thailand? One of the most interesting places not to be missed there is the floating market. I photographed this lovely lady selling fresh fruits off her boat at Damnoen Saduak floating market, near Bangkok.

Sister love, Chiang Mai

“Side by side, or miles apart… We are sisters, connected by the heart”. This is one of my favorite photos from my travels so far. I’m so happy when I see how children are full of unconditional love and kindness to each other, is there anything more beautiful than that?

 Little princess smile

I saw this sweetheart in Phuket, she was dressed in a cute pink dress, like a little princess. When she saw me taking pictures, she put the biggest smile on her face and struck a pose – everything for a good photo! Isn’t she just adorable?

Meet the Children of the World

While mom is working…

This little fellow was playing on the street while his mom was working (selling souvenirs to the tourists in front of the temple in Chiang Mai). Many women in Asia don’t have the opportunity to leave their children in kindergartens or to pay someone to look after them when they are working… Life if hard…

Meet the children of the World

Karen tribe mom and her baby boy

One of the hill tribes you can see in the Northern Thailand is The Long Neck Karen Hill Tribe. Most of the villages today are like life ZOOs where these ladies sell their products and photography with tourists for a money. Go further north, in remote parts of the country if you want to see authentic hill tribes. These nice young woman was selling her products in one of the numerous tourist villages near Chiang Mai. 

Buddhist Prayers, temple in Chiang Mai

“There is no path to happiness: happiness is the path.”
― Gautama Buddha

Do You Need A Ride?

A floating market near Bangkok is so interesting and colorful place full of nice people, like this man who love to pose for the camera.

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