Sri Lanka

Tea lady

No visit to Sri Lanka is complete without visiting endless, green tea plantations. There you’ll see many beautiful ladies like this one. They work hard on plantations as tea pickers for a few dollars per day.

People of the World

Buddhist Monk

“I describe myself as a simple Buddhist monk. No more, no less.” Dalai Lama

10 Photos to Make You Want to Visit Sri Lanka

Man on the bus, Kandy

People of Sri Lanka are true and real treasure of the island. Warm, friendly, kind and positive they simply leave you speechless… on every corner!

People of the World

Lotus boy, Kandy

I will never forget this boy. I was standing in front of the temple in Kandy, when he approached to me with his deep, big eyes holding a lotus flower for me. ‘This is for you, madam’, he said. So when someone asks me: What is the best present you’ve ever got? It’s a present from the heart, a lotus flower or a kind smile from a person you have never met before.

Tips for train ride in Sri Lanka

Long way home

I met this lady on the train from Kandy to Ella in Sri Lanka. She was sitting next to me, smiling and trying to communicate, although she didn’t know a word of English. After some time she fell asleep. So peacefully…

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