People of the World – Help by Photo

People of the World - Help by Photo

As I mentioned here and here, for me, traveling is all about the PEOPLE. It’s about LIFE and BRINGING THE WORLD CLOSER. After 5 years of wandering the globe with a camera in hand and meeting so many interesting people I decided to start the project “PEOPLE OF THE WORLD – HELP BY PHOTO”. This project is about all the diverse people around the globe showing their beauty no matter the skin color, religion and ethnicity through photography.

“I wanted to speak to the power of images, whether they are shocking and controversial, stunning and serene. Certain images become iconic for one simple reason – they convey a powerful message or tell a story in a way that words never could. I believe in the power of images… the adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” is true. Iconic images have changed the world and many photographers have risked their lives to make them. Powerful images have had the ability to mobilize a nation, move societies and the world to take notice. When a photographer’s images make people feel the pain of others or motivates a community or the world into action, then perhaps we have made a difference. Perhaps the picture worth a thousand words has changed the world. Just a bit.” Debbi Morello, photojournalist

The goal of the project is to cover at least 50 countries across all continents. As of right now I have covered these countries: Madagascar, Nepal, Indonesia, Papua, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Tanzania, Thailand.

Also, I want to be more meaningful with my travels and make SOME KIND OF IMPACT IN THIS WORLD. Every day, hundreds of people are dying from starvation, women around the world still don’t have the same rights as men, children don’t have proper education, innocent people fleeing their war-torn countries… I know that as an individual I cannot make a huge difference to all this massive problems but IF EACH OF US PLAY OUR PART, WE CAN MAKE A CHANGE! 

As one person I cannot change the world, but I can change the world of one person”

In the end, we must remember that we are all the same, no matter which corner of the earth we were born in and that HUMANITY is something that connects this world! I hope that my photos of people contribute to raise awareness of how people live in some of the poorest parts of the world as well as inspire all of you to help others and go out there – ALL OF THIS BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE ARE WAITING FOR YOU!

Here are the images of the people from around the globe, through the lens of my camera. Enjoy their images!

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