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Papua Trip in 5 days: An Itinerary For First Time Visitors

Papua Trip in 5 days: An Itinerary For First Time Visitors

When I was preparing for my trip to the Baliem Valley in Indonesian part of Papua I didn’t find many helpful information on the internet. After all posts about the valley, Dani tribe, treks and a pig feast I decided to share my itinerary with you.

This is how I made the most of my Papua trip in just five days as a first time visitor. Hope it will help you plan your time there. 

1 day: Wamena

Arrive in Wamena, searching for an accommodation, relax, finding a guide for a trek.

2. day: South Panorama

Starting from early morning with your guide to south part of the Baliem Valley, whole day trek, app 8 hours, enjoy in one of the greenest landscapes ever, meeting local Dani people who live in the valley.

3. day: North part of the Valley

Trekking to the salt pools (3 hours trek), learning how Dani make salt for salt pools. Visit Jiwika village, interact with locals, meet a real mummy. Overnight in the village.

4. day: North part of the Valley, a pig feast

Enjoy one of the most spectacular and extraordinary feasts in the world.

5. day: Wamena

Back to Wamena, visit local market, packing, departure.

This 5 days in Papua were one of the best travel experiences ever (and I’ve been everywhere!), I cannot compare it with no other place on earth, from stunning nature of the valley to the ‘crazy’, positive local people, it was awesome! It’s hard to describe it, you have to be there to experience it. So pack your bags and visit this incredible place!

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