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Best of 2016: My Travels in 16 Photos

Best of 2016: My Travels in 16 Photos Restless girl

2016! What a year! From South Africa to West Papua 2016 has been really ‘travelicious’ and full of adventures and new experiences. Few places crossed off my bucket list, my travel blog is here (finally!) and what are the most important a lot of new friends and memories made.

Where do I even begin?

Snorkeling with a thousand of seals or shark cage diving in South Africa, learning to drive on the left side through the streets of Cape Town, safari in famous Kruger National Park, enjoying one of the last paradises on earth, watching the most incredible sunsets on Raja Ampat islands with him, meeting new friends from ‘stone age’ in West Papua, kissing Dani warrior, counting elephants in Sri Lanka and waves too, ‘dancing’ with lemurs in Madagascar, drinking coconuts and snorkeling with sea turtles in Nosy Be, cashing sun in the Avenue of the Baobabs, volunteering in Nepal and leaving my heart there…

Here are my 2016 travels in 16 awesome photos!

Things not to miss in Madagascar (and why you shouldn't miss any of them)Hello from the Planet of the Lemurs!

Nosy Be & around, Madagascar trip [Video]Snorkeling with sea turtles in Nosy Tanikely, Madagascar

Madagascar Wildlife [Video]Straight in the eye!

Raja Ampat - How I found my piece of paradise

One of the last paradises on Earth, Raja Ampat in Indonesia

How to live a life of travel ∼ A story from the heart

Wah, wah, wah! Dani tribe, Papua [Video]I kissed a Dani warrior! Jes, I did! West Papua

Best of 2016: My Travels in 16 PhotosDani tribe in West Papua – one of the most positive people I have ever met!

Photo essay: Vanishing world of Papua's Dani TribeWah, wah, wah! This is true happiness!

Best of 2016: My Travels in 16 Photos

Volunteering in Nepal, leaving my heart there…

Best of 2016: My Travels in 16 Photos

Best of 2016: My Travels in 16 PhotosSpectacular view on Himalayas

Gone with the Wind at the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa

Best of 2016: My Travels in 16 PhotosLion cub love!

One of the most beautiful cities in the World, one & only Cape Town, city where hope never dies!

Thumbs up for all snorkeling in 2016, with seal, great white sharks, stunning coral reefs, sea turtles…

How to travel cheaper, better, smarter & more often?Where to next? Bali here I come!

Dear 2016, thank you for every single awesome day! And what is the best way to end such a great year, then travel to one more amazing place, Bali here I come! How was your 2016? Have you done something adventurous? What are your plans for next year?

Hope 2017 will bring you a lot of new adventures and memories! Cheers World!

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